Day Spa Packages

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Product Spotlight

The Beauty Box 

We wanted you to get to try all our beautiful Brands in one hit so we created the Beauty Box. We have filled it with all our professional Brands in their Sample Sizes. 
* ADASHIKO  Collagen Powder dose, Collagen and Noni Lotion, Beautiful Collagen Face Mask
* OSMOSIS SKIN CARE  Purify, Tropical Mango Mask, Quench moisturizer,
* REVITALASH:  Revitalash Serum, Clear Brow Gel, Double ended Mascara
* PURE FIJI:  Body Lotion, Exotic oil, Body Butter, Lip balm
* DADI OIL: Dadi Oil and Lip balm
* FUR: Fur oil, Body Wash, silk scrub

The Beauty Box $189


 Recovery Probiotic

Omega & Fat pad renewal supplement. Assists in replacing facial volume loss due to aging. By restoring critical nutrients to reactive fat cells, recovery alleviates the need for Volume fillers while creating a much more natural, youthful appearance.

Recommended for *Rosacea * Aged and Sagging skin *SIBO, constipation, gas and bloating *Microbiome Imbalance

Recovery Probiotic 480ml $299
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